Monday, March 7, 2011

and we dined with the god of tornadoes

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elliot lee hazel

a poem of times and friendship
by: lewis edward watts

remember the time
we sat on the edge of space
and laughed at the wimpy comets,
the ones with the little tails?
or the time when the cat with the beard-
his name was Alwyn or maybe Bidronous-
told us a riddle
and threatened to steal our youth?
and we by luck alone or
maybe it was fate,
guessed the answer right?
and i doubt that you've forgotten
the time the toaster cloned the toast
and we dined with the god of tornadoes,
who wasn't versed in etiquette,
and belched a lively breeze.

i know you can't forget those times-
i know, i know, but still-
if you find yourself forgetting
please just remember this:
if you ever walk on fire
my feet will also burn

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