Thursday, March 24, 2011

...but rusty didn't mind.

that braided do is divine. cant afford all that fancy body jewelery so id like to make one of those leg chains! 


whatta cool vest.

shirt. necklaces. yes.

if this isn't the most delicious green ever....
mka lookin all sexay.


where's my other shoe?
oracle fox
 spell & the gypsy collective
le fashion
stardust & sequins

last night
i swam in pineapples
tiffany is the most christ-like figure
he's ever met.
and it was so purple
and lush.
there's a red headed lumberjack
with a new haircut.
and he's drunk
and sweaty.
but rusty didn't mind.
and im sending you a nudge
across 160 miles...
a whimper of longing
and im sitting on a crane.
its stuck in the couch cushions.
he had a handful, you see.
and there's something peculiar
inside of my belly
and my tongue is tingly
because i let myself forget
i'm ever so slightly
allergic to pineapple.

traci lavois


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