Monday, March 14, 2011

i got up and cut my little finger with the knife.

best dj shirt evah!

sweeeeet kicks.

via the cobra snake

via constance victoria

dainty dino bracelet. i have a prehistoric fashion boner.
via cocorosa

via stardust and sequins

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lovely lovely 
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via dutch street style

via the satorilist

"Long, long stairs. Many feet. Feet up. Feet down. One night I dreamed of two feet up to the knee, walking in the room. Someone is in the room. Thank God I'm awake, I said to myself, just as the feet flew over the bed and came back down as a wolf. I got up and cut my little finger with the knife, so that I would stay awake all night."

-Mother Tongue
Emine Sevgi Ozdamar


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