Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a long red hair curled up in the corner

ive told my boyfriend about 4845743 times that im gonna learn how to french braid. still hasnt happened. need to work on my initiative because i NEED this HAIRDO.
more braids
so damn cool
i REALLY  wanted dreads awhile back...super cool take on them
hair envy
such a gorgeous color
messy hurs, cool jewels
marie antoinette-esc. SOOO cute love the blue hue
hair jewels
reminds me of my friend lauren. so badass.
such a classic look...the hair and the makeup. very rachel mcadams in the notebook.
baller yall.
my white hair is coming: MAY 2011 lookout bitches!

the tide is high
in the bathroom upstairs
black lighter
and a heavy exhale of smoke
it creeps up to the light bulb moon
i look down at my breasts;
two islands emerging from the water
the westerly isle,
slightly larger
a long red hair curled up in the corner
keeps an abandoned q tip company
and i,
i can't help but think
that the molecules in my exhale
miss the molecules in yours.

-traci lavois


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