Wednesday, March 30, 2011

like eating blackberries...

pink hairs and cool layers

 trashy decadence

so busy. i love it. way too much going it should be.

tights, high waisted shorts, belt, cute top....quite a lavoisensemble.

delicious rockrings.

mystical yall.

apparently gentle tugging helps growing hair.
been yankin on my shit for months now...

what a badass dress! very cleopatra and sexayyy.

love the big bug ring.

in search of little sadie
let's live fast
oh so hip it hurts

"touching you is the greatest sensation in the universe
followed by seeing and tasting and smelling and hearing you
then the rest of all things
like eating blackberries and watching plane crashes on the internet and whatnot"


1 comment:

  1. ill follow you into the dark... lovelovelove

    dreaming of pink hair