Monday, March 21, 2011

shitty chic meets 4th grade.

this girl is a badass. 
love that dress...very sweet. great hair too.
bananas: my favorite treat at work.
rainbow bright tee. so cool.
i love this girl's look and her 'tude. overalls, fur, duffle, busy sweater, head scarf, cool. reminds me a lot of steph. 
this outfit is so cute and fun.
i love the little girl aspect paired with those kick ass boots.
 also that girl is presh.
in LA, Hello Kitty was humping everyone.
@ shopcuffs: vintage.
i love giant floral carpet bags. 

stephnick. little girl chic. 

I really love the idea of incorporating something playful and little-girly into an outfit. I have 2 pairs of overalls that I don't really wear and I wanna break those out....maybe add some patches or some tacky floral accents.


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