Sunday, March 27, 2011

...waited every evening to be created anew.

more of miss angeliea by photographer eric morales. gorgeous.

photographer eliot lee hazel. 


 Kate Bosworth Style

via my bare style

via purse n boots

"Before I started going to school, there was a time when I bathed myself in the kitchen. I was given a basin filled with warm water then left to myself. In the adjoining room my parents' voices disposed of the events of the day one by one. It was during one of these evening hours that the feeling of actually being alive so overwhelmed me that I was unable to stir. For a few seconds I was intensely aware of every fiber, every pore of the skin that enveloped my body. Then in a flash the tingling pores came together again, bonding together to yield a sensation of completeness which was new to me. This is how it must have been when the first human being was created, I thought. This is exactly how she must have felt! From then on I waited every evening for the sensation of being created, waited every evening to be created anew."

more from Shedding & Literally Dreaming 
by Verena Stefan


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