Thursday, April 21, 2011

ancestral, with teased hair.

the house my grandmother grew up in. built in 1944 in Temple, Tx. 

The three Ramsey Sisters: Jean, Faye (my great grandmother) and Yvonne. 
Hard to tell in this picture but their initials are embroidered into the sheer material under their collars.
The whole family worked at Friendly Farley's Grocery in Temple, Tx. 


history inspired hair.

i adore this photo

street style

gorgeous editorial


swing fashion

a funeral in temple texas shares a parking lot with a homeless man's dumpster
and a dollar general
where the champagne handles on a great aunt's casket glisten from the sun 
through a stained glass saint. 
"there my savior awaits, and he opens the gates
to the beautiful garden of prayer."

an uncovered timeline, 
ancestral, with teased hair,
reveals itself in the vaguely familiar faces of a back room brunch
"and i go with my burden and care."

i trace each dot and carefully catalog the expression of a distance uncle's mustached mouth.
i save it for a rainy day.

a rainy day with a plastic bag of foamy bile
in a balmy clenched fist
like a child carrying home a first pet goldfish.

or for a date in my spare closet
where i give it to you.

you try it on.
it fits just right.

then its off to the garden of prayer.

-traci lavois



  1. Everything about this post is beautiful.

    Missing Amsie Blog

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  3. I loved this post so much I did my hair like your "history inspired hair" pic for Easter brunch! It was adorable! With a pink polkadot silk scarf.

  4. !!! I'm so glad you had vintagefoxhair for easter. Love the blonde. Be inspired...