Tuesday, April 12, 2011


blonde fox banana bread......


wasn't able to snag a pic until we downed over half of the bread. 

The BlondeFox made some delicious banana bread for the pack.
One of our packpals is allergic to nuts so there was nothing nutty about this banana bread.
Instead, BlondeFox used this recipe here and added some MAPLE SYRUP.
So delicious. 

late night breakfast at One's A Meal 
[houston, tx yall]

the image of a baby fox eating butter from one of these
 tiny packets has kept me smiling all morning

 other foods...
nick's burger at Prince's

cake from Dessert Gallery

heart chip from last night


Drums and Drumsticks
my friend Sarah just started a small-from-home catering business specializing in desserts.
these sweet treats are adorable and delicious. check out her music and food blog here! 
drums and drumsticks!

this concludes our foodpost.


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