Thursday, April 28, 2011

i don't visit your blog. i know i'm a sucker.

those shorts! those bracelets! those bubbles!

summer kicks.

beautiful rings. 

white fluff. 


starfish cuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



oracle fox
enjoy the kiss
clear oceans
cherry whore

Here Is This Poem:

I don't visit your blog
I know
I'm a sucker
Call me a bitch
A shitty rat fucker

Call me an asshole
Call me a taint
Don't call me stranger
That's somethin I ain't

I know we don't hang
But hey
That's ok
Soon we'll hang out
On a hot summer day

We'll go to the park
We'll go to the pool
We'll go to wherever
Cuz it's us that is cool

So here is this poem
With rhymes that are poor
Don't try to deny it
I know
You concur

Still you're my friend
And I hope I am yours
At least after this poem,
This "poem"
These words

But here is this poem
To the hottie of hotness
The one and only
Lavois [of the foxes]

by the wonderful Bryan Kaplun: colleague, compadre, local actor, foxpal. 


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