Tuesday, April 26, 2011

jumping teeth to cross lips.

cottoncandy drunk

sweet shirt/shorts combo pack


boyfriend and one of his chippies.

texas unicorn mantis. 

ed ball's delicious fruit ritas!


coolest shirt on Ole King Coleman.

new footwear for the blondefox.
happy paws yall.


dirty little fashion whore
there's chemicals in the clouds
cherry whore
purse n boots
viciously lycyd

When lush words take a hostile turn you find yourself no longer inclined to pour your heart, not even a drip. You yield, even whispered, the words start to blister in the air. Once so pronounced and articulate jumping teeth to cross lips. I remember when my consolation was tucked between each other’s lips. We meandered on each other’s minds like children on a playground, with nothing more than adolescent love, we never whispered then. And I would search the world for that clock, the one clock needed to be turned back to restore our hearts, to be young again.

 -Saurabh Pande


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