Friday, April 22, 2011

scrambled scene.

lavois [of the foxes]

cosmic cracker for an aching belly.


wall in my room aka FoxHole

some of my booties.


packing for the weekend.

favorite item i own. handmade quilt vest courtesy of Value Village.

just a few hours til i get to pal around with my favorite fox.


Under Construction:

I found my childhood
in the bottom left drawer
of my dusty old desk.
I dumped it out on the floor,
burying my blue carpet
under construction paper memories.

The one-winged black bird rested on
a blue cloud that was far from fluffy.
They lay in awkward silence next to
a bright pile of perfect 8x10s,
lonely from lack of use
because nobody likes orange.

The clumsy cut-out yellow sun
landed among the Smith family,
four 2-dimensional figures with purple hair
and perfect teeth hidden beneath thin red lines.
I forgot to let them smile.

Why did the grass turn brown?
Those ugly, jagged strips
lay now dead and wrinkled
under a heart-shaped void in a
faded red scrap.
Nearby, the scissors lay quietly,
its handles wide-eyed and innocent
but its blades still dripping.
That’s what I get for mixing red with green.

I stare at the scrambled scene and
contemplate rearranging the flattened pink flowers,
taking out the stupid bird,
making the Smiths a lifeless little dog.
But reconstruction could take awhile,
so I reach for that lonely pile and start
folding cones.

by: Kristen Green

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