Monday, April 18, 2011

since last tuesday.

great stuff goin on here.

such a cool shoulder chain
cute tube top, neat hairs.

astronaut onesie!
killer rings.
cool messy bun

 makeshift turban

cool hairs.


cosmos in the rearview.

adorable patterns, textures, layers.....!
rainbow tube top yuhhh.

cherry whore
enjoy the kiss
spell and the gypsy collective

she traded in her allergies for a lighter's spark and a lizard hunt.
on a rock in a dried up creek bed.

so long to the persistent itch 
that had made its home in the back of her throat
since last tuesday
when she developed an allergy from her afternoon banana
on her afternoon walk.

the peel slowly rots on the floor of a neighbor's flowerbed.



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