Monday, April 11, 2011

zombie horse.

Cinema Style:

one of the movies i watched for the first time this weekend.
Domino's got some cool fashion pieces. BAMF.

Cinema Style:
Falling Down

another movie from this weekend....
had the hardest time finding full body shots of this girl.
love her feminine take on the tear drop tat...very dainty.
gold jewelry, little top, high waisted jeans, sneaks.

love the headpiece.

cherry whore
clear oceans

lets go to Ariana
we'll spend the last few hours of backseat sun
comparing pigmentation and exploring the whys

your mustache dances above a crooked smile

trace your birthmark with my pinkie finger
like a new territory i've yet to explore
and i breathe...

remember the time your heels kicked into the exposed ribs
of a zombie horse?
(he was quite a fickle beast)
or perhaps the time i listened to your belly
while you shouldered a machine gun in a post-apocalyptic land?

if sunsets were currency
we'd be rich.



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