Monday, May 2, 2011

a bird with a tail you'd recognize.

this is madeline from  jean greige 
she has such a way with accessories.
and some very cool hair looks to try!
cool style and a very nice ladyfox.
she's having a give away for the teen angst shirt above sooo....
check her out!


jean jacket....saweet

cosmic pack.

jean greige
cherry whore

its time to wakeup so i don't kill my grandmother.

i hate this part
of my early morning bad dream
i wake with my jaw clenched tight, 
my body cutting an awkward diagonal across my tangled bed.

coffee, banana, and on the road.
my front two tires make a snack of the black top asphalt lane.
while trees like a row of skinny old men salute my shadow as i pass.

...a bird with a tail you'd recognize flew over head.

and its flight sends me to the outline of your shoulder blades
on a friday morning last week
when i traced your bumps and turns
i felt your bones,
kissed your muscles,
and asked
"when will you get your wings?"

dark out now.
a rat scurries along the yellow lamp lit highway
across the HOV to the median.

this is a reoccurring dream and i have a handgun. 

-traci lavois


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