Thursday, May 12, 2011

she forgot how the ocean smells.

pocahontas suit.

i LOVE mixing florals.

she reminds me of marion cotillard. lovely girl. sweet simple style.

white dreams.

wolves den vintage
clear oceans
stardust and sequins
the satoralist
stone cold fox
dirty little style whore
the cobrasnake

the mermaid who lives upstairs 
is lounging on the lawn
among some mismatched chairs,
repossessed from the dumpster.

her skinny knees point up to the sun. 

her hair is dry from the land
she forgot how the ocean smells.

landlife seemed so pretty
to a lady of the sea.

so she traded it all for a waist belt and a long dress.

now her skinny ass
sits on a sinking dumpster-dive find.

her tail is gone.
but she likes the freckles on her knees.

she's got an apartment full of maybes and almosts.

and in a corner, 
she keeps the echo of the sea.



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