Sunday, June 12, 2011

and i asked him about death.


Photographer Claire O' Malley joined forces with Lavois of the Foxes (and pals Kallie & Steph) for an evening in the cemetery. We spent dusk exploring the graveyard wonders and conjuring spirits with rose wreath crowns, bare feet, and white lace. 

i conjured up the spirit
of an old and withered man

to take me on a date,

a concrete picnic
in the parking lot of the funeral home.

we propped up against the back right tire
of an old and rusting hearse.

i told him of my childhood while i slowly sipped my coffee.
and i asked him about death.

as dusk kissed the white lines of the parking lot
and the yellow lamp lights flickered to the sound of nighttime june bugs,
we walked through the field of graves

feeling the earth with the soles of my feet,

"ashes to ashes, dust to dust"
and a cigarette butt.

my coffee is cold
and my companion has gone

retired early to his earthy slumber
where he will become the roots of an ancient willow
or perhaps the knot on the old oak tree

i set my sights westward
toward home.

i only date dead men.


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