Tuesday, July 5, 2011

healthy legs, lady knives.

loved the mixed prints. and da boots.

america day...or something.

lady knives.


black attack.

h&m sandals!!!!!! 



german babes.

wolf & willow
warlock for hire
jean greige
lina tesch
kelly kate

By Tooth And Nail

I stood there with my hands out 
offering her all of my knots. 
My insides like an old sailor got drunk 
and decided to show off.
Here were all my glorious anxieties that I’d always presented as some kind of gift 
because my ego was the biggest knot of all. 
She smiled crooked 
and took these tangles in her delicate fingers 
slowly pulling through a few of the loose ends. 
Patiently working her way to the rattiest ones.
Taking breaks when she felt overwhelmed;
I made her tea and marmalade toast. 
When she came to the last one 
I stopped her.


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  1. Omg I just rememberd how much I love your blog! This post is just heaps! xx