Wednesday, July 20, 2011

little bear bottom.


i love the print overload!

that knit dress and belt are supah cute.

"the coolest girl in 4th grade" <---a look I often go for, and that this bitch is rockin! patch and broaches!

a feel-good pic.

itchin for a cool backpack like this one.

cool unisex sneakahhz.

i want an eyeball ring like when i was a kid.

his little bear bottom!!!!

dirty little style whore
blonde bedhead
the style rookie
disarming darling

I had to stop myself from posting a practically all fall/winter street style post. I spent the better part of an hour or so yesterday perusing some Chicago street style blogs. I love fall fashion and the folks in Chicago have got some pretty killer style.(Not to mention Chicago is one of the coolest places in this USofA) 

Unfortunately its hot as BALLZ here in ATX so I refrained from my all-fall post and instead opted for some more season-appropriate looks and some animal pics. (I spent much of yesterday google-imaging bears as a remedy to this GRUMPATTACK that had hold of me.) 

Anyhoo, happy trails palzz.


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