Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fannypack finally.

Texas Thrift 
Here are some of my treasures from a Sunday afternoon thrifting adventure.
I love this oversized grandma sweater...its wonderfully cozy! Can't wait to pair it with some tights and boots this fall! I finally found a fanny pack in my price range...$2! It needs some minor repairs. I have to stitch up a little rip near one of the pockets but I couldn't pass up this little gem! This belt was another cool, cheap find...the stitch work on it is pretty sick. Found some framed goodies as well for my LA apartment! 
Not shown: fringe vest and a lovely floral over the shoulder bag.

 ♥ .......... ♥ 

aida bergsen rings...delicious.

isn't she lovely? the denim bow and big white collar are divine!

cosmic kitties.



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