Saturday, August 13, 2011

like some kind of dream.

god i love these...they're like some kind of dream....

love her wild mane.

crochet && denim goodness.

her hair!!!

i'm diggin' that horse painting.

love the bracelet and green top.


slouchy, comfy, layered, cool.


always perfection.

hardware ring.

blonde bedhead
le happy
theres chemicals in the clouds
warlock for hire
jean greige

Up early, boosting moral on UT campus while the boyfriend does testprep.
Saturday 9AM final? That's whack, dawg.
In other news, my dearest pal Steph got a new cat, Big John!
Can't wait to meet that crazy, fat, hand-me-down, cataract cat.
And...Ben's family is coming to Austin today!!!

Have a killer weekend, pals.

Love, alwayz && forevuhhhh.....


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  1. Love the ring and the specs.... Great Post