Thursday, August 11, 2011

some urban wanderer.

some fresh chicago street style

pretty rad shorts.

floral goodness.

gorgeous color, killer buttons.

stick shift ladiezzz.

so many gorgeous pieces. 

headscarf, finger candy.


cycle style.

rad vest.



isn't this worn-in floral tee the best?

some nifty hair inspiration.

ladybag accessoriezzz.

chicago street style
jean greige
little navajo
disarming darling 
enjoy the kiss

On a Sunday sidewalk slant
you find yourself counting cracks in the pavement
by the alley where a pair of old loafers live.
Kicked off, perhaps,and left behind
by some urban wanderer 
seeking salvation where souls meet concrete.

A sad and forgotten pair
of size 9 leather loafers
and you
on a Sunday sidewalk slant
whispering "wigwam, wigwam"
'cause it bounces around your molars 
and fits in your mouth just right.

And what else is one to say, 
on a Sunday sidewalk slant,
to a forgotten pair of loafers
in the dark?


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