Sunday, August 28, 2011

stitched sin on your shoulders.

bison ring

brandit brand rings. getcha some.

killer ring.

hairstyle and footwear after my own heart. go madeline!

...of the foxes.

itty bitty.

love this girl.


killer bag.


savior sweater 

the fabrics of your sweater 
knit together is a sin
but you wear it like a savior 
and I could use some grace
on this lonely rotting rug 
filled with past lives and regret.

fill my cup, 
cross my heart,
and kiss my nose.

we'll eat cosmic fruitcake
and smile at the wind
with your trusty woven sweater,
stitched sin on your shoulders.



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  2. Is this girl supposed to be Max from Where the Wild Things Are?

  3. Trying to find a source for Killer Ring. I love it, but can not find where I might could buy it.