Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i'll pollinate the world with your light.

Miss Hogg's lawn.

general exploration.

petrified stump.

my favorite portrait of Stephanie.

This afternoon I visited Houston's Bayou Bend Gardens with my main pal, Steph. The gardens encompass 14 acres of vegetation, small critters, and trails on the property once owned by Miss Ima Hogg This is one of Houston's amazing little treasures and it's only three bucks to explore the grounds. 

Stopping to rest on a tree trunk top 
I finds myself,
forehead perspiring, 
tracing the rings of time and counting.

"I'm going to cut you open and see how old you are."

searching for an equation that will teach me
the name of a tree
or the orbiting path of one year's growth.

the magnolia is native to this land.
and you,

someone petrified your insides.
you smile but you don't feel.
picking up fallen pods
and crushing them with your heel.

"I'll spread your seeds when you haven't the strength."
I'll pollinate the world with your light.



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