Tuesday, October 4, 2011

high and cold and rarefied.

this dress! whatta print! & the carpet bag!!! ♥

so inviting; time to explore.



sweet little dress.

such a great piece. 

mmm ♥

carpet bag vans!!!



Getting settled in and cozy in the new apartment with the addition of our third roommate. Coffee, tea, walnuts, and movies in bed...planning a house warming party and dreaming of pumpkins and construction paper autumn leaves to decorate the apartment. 

I cannot get enough of this lady... Lana del Ray
Her voice is dusty magic.

And now, an excerpt from my book:

On my first night there, I sat on the bed during the twilight while the walls went slowly from gray to gold to black, listening to a soprano's voice climb dizzily up and down somewhere at the other end of the hall until at last the light was completely gone, the faraway soprano spiraled on and on in the darkness like some angel of death, and I can't remember the air ever seeming as high and cold and rarefied as it was on that night, or ever feeling farther away from the low-slung lines of dusty Plano.

-The Secret History, Donna Tartt


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