Sunday, October 23, 2011

mapped in veins.

im a sucker for a good floral.

sweater shorts combo, pretty sexy.

sweetest little floral romper

this is just darling

a sea of kitties.


In her daydreams a dancer,
never worked at a cafe
dreamed of toes and twirls and grace,
of days and days 
and days. 
Pale and pleasant bright eyed earth,
a collector of light
of feather
yarn leaf 
of penny 
lavender white.
To hold to wrist to heartbeat
To decorate the walls
To paint into the dresser
To sanctify the crawls. 
Spinning like a top,
elbows neck and soar,
to float down to bread crumb
idle skin on the floor.
Her head it swims with waters
sometimes dark and red with foam
And by the stars she reads her future
mapped in veins, in coming home. 



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  1. love the 4th an 5th pic pretty much!