Monday, November 7, 2011

half-man, half-fish.

baby girl swagga [squared]


rad pack.

some great looks from le-happy

granny sheek.

floral & lace.

cat tee.

hair envy.


Swimming at Midnight
-Elizabeth Spires

Moonlight chisels your face into marble skin,
Arm over arm, we swim,
carrying old virtues like half-drowned children.
You speak your desire, scattering
the moon's reflection:
bright tin foil floating on water.
I touch your chest. Phosphor
flares inside you like a match.

We turn on touch and touching,
turn into something else.
Stars chant incantations above our heads.
There's my dark twin, Gemini,
slicing the sky into lucky number sevens.
You're Pisces -- half-man,
half-fish, you swim outside time's net
and take me along for the ride.

We fall asleep at dawn, two
breaths blending into one.
Now birds begin the cries that people waking
call bird song. 


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