Wednesday, November 2, 2011

soft warm hair.

d'awww. peaceful snuggles.

hair envy.

mmm. having some cranberry apple tea myself.

killer kicks. 

pal-in around underground.

love the floral, sweater, and satchel.

d'awww. wolfpack.



I miss your mind. It blooms and dances with me. Makes me laugh out loud and want. I miss your perfect smile, your somehow honey eyes and the love they make to multifarious wavelengths of light. I miss your breasts, the lively, stunning armor above your beautiful heart. I miss your hands your feet, that we travel and create together into and out of the vast unknown. I miss sleeping in your soft, warm hair [...] I miss your breath in my lungs, and your palms against mine. I miss you curled into my chest when it's cold.....




  1. love these. xo

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