Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a wolf with no teeth.

man do i need a pair of these!!!

heh. coolest ring ever.

bug shadez.


mega babe, rad pants.



“Sea Song”Alison Stone
Each night she lies patiently in fire,
Blood thick, body dissolving.
Dissatisfaction is religion.
She plants it and prays. She cuts
His meat and licks blood from the knife.

Some nights he stumbles
Into her grief, which tries
To drown him like an invisible well.
He is a wolf with no teeth,
He is a blind soldier
Shooting everything, he is
An ear of corn beneath the beaks of crows.
If only sorrow had shape
He could climb it like rope
To the attic where their marriage waits.

Husband and wife
— they touch, recede.
They sleep.


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