Monday, January 30, 2012

her eyes are baby draculas.

love this. 

cup o pearlz

hubba hubba.

freckled babe

denimz and lemonz.

these guys....

i wanna go exploring!


My Beloved
Charles Simic

In the fine print of her face
Her eyes are two loopholes.
No, let me start again.
Her eyes are flies in milk,
Her eyes are baby Draculas.

To hell with her eyes.
Let me tell you about her mouth.
Her mouth’s the red cottage
Where the wolf ate Grandma.

Ah, forget about her mouth,
Let me talk about her breasts.
I get a peek at them now and then
And even that’s more than enough
To make me lose my head,
So I better tell you about her legs.

When she crosses them on the sofa
It’s like a jailer unwrapping a parcel
And in that parcel is a Christmas cake
And in that cake a sweet little file
That gasps her name as it files my chains.


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