Tuesday, January 10, 2012

kickin it.

cat sweater, rad background. 

little bootz

cheese ♥

stacey ♥

disarming darling ♥



sink ladies.

pretty madeline.


For those of you who are unawares, I am a nanny by day. I make my bills playing with chunky babies and drinking juice boxes with 8 year olds. PS3, diapers, kickin it. Spent the day with my two main men, rolling over to the elementary school then baby patrol into the afternoon. Visited Good Will on the way home and made some rad little purchases. Cool oversized sweater for the beach, a killer 90s floral dress, and a rad printed button down...also some home decor. Been a full day of activities and my flanks are killing me from my run last night (my first formal exercise in months) Everyone should check out my pal Steph's tumblr here! Follow her; she continues to crank out magic on that piece of interwebz. Happy Tuesday, over and out yall.


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