Friday, February 3, 2012

old communion cups

d'awwwwwwwwww x infinity

Jesus Babe.

madeline all babed out.

packin heat.

business associates. 

denim goodness.

...of the foxes

cut offs!

coolest shirt.

truth bomb.

i wanna go campinggggg.
(Rad photo by my dear cyber pal Renee of deadweight)


"Talk of yesterday and
She will show her
Brothers photographed
In callous clothes.
Say tomorrow and
She'll say come find me
On a beach, and there will be no moon.
But say today, and she will kiss your face
And maybe forget.

Talk of yesterday like baragain shoe strings
She will kick the car and find her friends.
Say tomorrow and then
She'll describe some old communion cups 
And someone's coat.
But say today and she may look your way
And lead you home"


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  1. wonderful post again :) that photo of joseph gordon levitt is totally rocking!!

    thanks darling for reposting one of my photos. you're amazing.
    lotsa love xx