Monday, July 30, 2012

GoldFish and HandMeDownz.

black top (? I've had for years), Madeline of Jean Greige hand me down pants, thrifted jazz shoes, Forever 21 gold necklace, 
Tunnel Vision fish necklace (belt), Leopard Lounge (Houston, Tx) vintage gold and beaded belt 

Is Carl the Dog not the most adorable little sidekick you've ever seen? Thanks to Ethan Parrilla for capturing some megalove jpegz of me and my little biscuit. I got these Aladin-esq britches from Madeline of jean greige in a garbage bag of hand me down treasures months and months ago. And a big fat lady salute, obviously, to Tunnel Vision for the acquisition of the gold fish. 


Motherhood Tip #2

Deep meaningful eye contact. It sounds obvious you guys, but there are too many mothers out there skimping on that sweet eye ball to eye ball interaction with their pups. Prolonged eye contact sends a powerful message to your little one: I am your mother. I may not have carried you in my womb, but I carried you to term in my heart. And if there'd been puppy placenta afterbirth, we'd have barbecued it together. This is being a mother. 


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