Friday, July 27, 2012

Mrs. Doubtfire, Yall.

Leopard Lounge (Houston, TX) vintage dress, vintage belt, prescription glasses yall, Urban Outfitters turquoise ring, childhood pinkie ring

So I'm just gonna say it you guys, I'm a dead ringer for Mrs. Doubtfire. I kinda have this thing for grandma-chic. There's something super endearing about too much floral and giant spectacles...Speaking of, you guys should check out season 3 episodes 4 & 5 of Louis CK's television show, Louie. Parker Posey guest stars as a nerdy/sexy bookstore gal. Her look on the show is everything I want to be... devastatingly fresh and adorable...she pins her hair up in all these quirky little do-s and dons giant frames and tons of rings...not to mention she's a powerhouse actress. I've got a major boner for that bitch, and Louis, and the show in general. Did you guys know he does that show on like a $20,000/episode budget? That's damn impressive yall. 

On to the pup...So yeah, it's not a fox but he's the best little biscuit of pupness in the whole wide world. BlogTown, meet Carl the Dog. For more super bitchin JPEGs of my little one, check out my 
instagram: tracilavois.

Thanks to my rad pal Ethan Parrilla for the photos. Check out his page...dude has his own brand of badass tees and hoodies and he lives in a FORT ROOM and there's NOTHING on this EARTH cooler than that...except maybe Carl the Dog.

and now...


Motherhood Tip #1

Take interest in the things your pup finds interesting. For example, a trash bag floating on the beach, a babe ass dude's grubby boots, doggy style sex, what have you. Bonding over shared interests is a surefire way to build a strong healthy relationship with your little one. Yeah Carl, lets DO go check out that particularly peculiar smelling apartment stairwell on our 1:15 AM walk and lets DO taste mom's fancy shower gel just to see what it's like, because I care, Carl, I care about the things that are important to you. 
This is being a mother.


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  1. i love this! keep going! and i love the mom tips