Sunday, August 12, 2012



Motherhood Tip #4

At about 4 months is the time when it is customary to begin assigning responsibilities to your pup. Small duties, or pup chores, really help you out as a (presumed) single mother, while also  instilling a sense of self worth and purpose in your little one. 

One of Carl the Dog's pup chores is putting on the sweetest puppy faced stare when entering Starbucks (or any equivalent caffeine house). This way, mom can get her iced coffee without dealing with the "ma'am you can't have a dog in here" bullshit, because pup has just charmed the goddamned hearts of every 'bucks employee and patron in the room. Who could ask us to leave now? 

Pup Chore: Milk precious pup stare in venues where we are in violation of health codes. 

Allowance: A slice of lunch meat. 


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