Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Motherhood Tip #6

Yep guys, you guessed it, today we're talking about potty time. Man's best friend? Pshht, more like man's furry bundle of responsibility and poop pick up, am I right moms, am I right? No, but in all seriousness I'm here to propose something a little radical in regards to poop scoopin duty. 

Change your attitude about potty time. Instead of feeling degraded, annoyed, or off put by the task of bagging up your pup's poop, use this as an opportunity to take pride in the health and happiness of your puppy. You are stooping to pick up the end result of your little one's digestive system. Its not just shit in a bag, you guys, its the feeling of plastic wrapped around warm life. And there's gotta be something satisfying about that ... about properly operating body functions, about a well pooped pup, about business as usual. 
This is being a mother. 


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