Monday, August 27, 2012

sunday treasures.

Yesterday I went to the Hollywood Farmer's Market with GalPalKandice and CarltheDog. I got some delicious fruits and some sweet corn and am currently eating the bestpeachintheworld as I type. Carelessly, of course, with no regard for the growing levels of sticky on my keyboard. I once brought a peach to college with me as a snack and tried to eat it while walking across campus. Juice EVERYWHERE. My hands, my arms, my face, my legs, my hair? It was a snacking disaster but I'm sure it was amusing to watch me slurp and drip my way across campus like a doof. I'd say I should have just cut up my peach but that's far less fun than biting into the whole in my grubby little paws, devouring some peach tree's beautiful fruit baby like the giant human monster that I am. 

I found my best friend Steph's spirit sweater for $3! Girl LOVES birds and this magical parrot steph soul sweater was too good to pass up. We are planning a birthday roadtrip to the Grand Canyon where I will be presenting her with the the $3 treasure for her to wear during all our Mystical Grand Canyon Birthday Party Adventures. I'll probably have to break it in for her before hand, as any good friend should. Snagged two more $3 shirts, both button down and adorable.

Met the mastermind behind Monstertrocity, The Art of Monster Kat. I could not pass up this woman's booth. She creates this amazing monster art for adults that has this great childish imagination vibe. I fell in love with her style and purchased several buttons, sketches, and other trinkets. Check out her work, it brings back that nostalgic Where the Wild Things Are feel, combined with a dark playful twist. I love art that realizes the importance of imagination and youth. We don't really have to grow up, yall.

Finally, a smokin ass jpg of Kandice in this stellar bone chest piece, that were it not hundreds of dollars, she'd have adopted as her new sexy bone princess uniform. 

Pup tips and a new post coming soon my fox pals.


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