Thursday, August 2, 2012


Good Will dino tee, thrifted Levi cut offs (Leopard Lounge, Houston, Tx), Taxi Taxi (H-Town) beanie, Target slip ons, vintage bangles, 
Forever 21 ring, Inner Space Caverns dino necklace

This outfit would definitely fall into the coolest girl in 4th grade look that, in addition to sexy grandma, I often aim for in dressing myself. Snagged this awesome GLOW IN THE DARK dino tee from a Good Will in Houston about a year ago in the boys section. The wee little arm holes were too tight on my stout lady biceps so I chopped it up a bit. The t-rex skull necklace was a souvenir from Inner Space Caverns near Austin, Tx. (it took me an embarrassing number of attempts to spell souvenir you guys. Ima go with like 6 tries) Anyhoo, I was nannying for a family in Austin at the time and convinced the 3 year old boy that batman hung out in the caves so we could get a momfundedtrip to some fucking under ground caverns. It was so much fun. We didn't see batman but we did get a rubber band gun and a dino necklace with our "souvenir money" who wins now, Batman??? Score one for NannyTraci. (did you see how I made souvenir my bitch this time?) these super comfy slip ons from Target back in June and I've literally almost worn them completely out. They are so easy and functional. Being a nanny and doing improv 2-4 nights a week means I need stuff I can  live life in ya know. Also, my best friend Steph has rubbed off on me a bit with high functionality clothing. Girl wrangles two pups everyday (puppup, and boyfriendpup) plus manages a restaurant and gets in a few days of manual labor stocking the greater Houston area with pretzels and shit. She still always manages to look carelessly adorable. Girl works hard and plays hard and her clothes do too, you guys. 

Sorry to lez out on my girl Steph, its just she's my mainman, ya know? Anyway, Carl the Dog has had diarrhea and he wants you to know that this being a pup business is tough stuff. 


Motherhood Tip # 3

Foster your pup's individuality. Whether its awkward sitting posture, a floppy ear, or a preference for black women, be sure to nurture that which makes your pup unique. One of Carl the Dog's personal little pupisms is pottying on asphalt. Specifically, right in the middle of the cross walk. Stopped cars look on and the intersection countdown blinks at us from the corner. My pup is a performance pee-er, you guys. Or maybe a thrill seeker, who lives for the challenge of crossing 3rd AND getting a piss in before the flashing 13 seconds are up. Either way, I dig that, little man. That's just who you are. And instead of scolding him, I'm gonna assume that like me, every onlooker is so endeared to this little pupnugget's middle-of-traffic-tinkle, that no one will judge me for the knowing smile and "good boy" that I coo down into his uniquely Carl the Dog face. 


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