Wednesday, August 22, 2012

today you're 25, i made you something fine, it's on the palm of my new hand

top i've had forever (maybe forever21??), thrifted skirt, thrifted belt, street vendor leather purse, urban outfitters flats, roommate necklace, flea market girl fork necklace

This purse is one of my favorite items to borrow from my dear roommate Steph. (so there's roomie steph and bf texas steph...keep that in mind, there will be a steph quiz you guys) Her middle name is Rose so its kinda just perfect. I'd love to learn how to do leather work. That stuff is like rustic magic.

You can kinda see my little fork necklace that I got from Flea Market Girl. Check out the online shop! They have some awesome pieces for super cheap! I wear my fork everyday. I love how dainty and wee it is, plus I'm hungry for life, yall, so its thematically fitting. 

Last night I celebrated my pal Kandice's 25th birthday, complete with Birthday Spaghetti, Birthday Cake, and Birthday Fifty Shades of Grey excerpt reading. A real quarter life celebration you guys. In honor of the birthday gal, here's a bomb ass Kandice JPG for you, interwebz. Enjoy!

Babe, huh?

No corresponding mom tipz today you guys, Carl the Dog was outta hand on this last shoot. But check back soon! Over and out.


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