Monday, August 20, 2012

warm weather & warm ups.

Good Will t-shirt, thrifted embroidered belt, forever21 britches, hi-top white chucks

Gahh, my little nugget is getting so big you guys! We had a wonderful mother son bonding romp on this patch of grass park right off La Cienega. It's been 2Hot2Function in LA these days so it was nice to find a shady outdoor haven for a bit of pup play. 
So I absolutely love these britches! I'm usually not a fan of animal print but these are just so darn comfy and lightweight. (borrowed from gal pal Kandice). This printed tee was a Good Will acquisition that I ripped completely by accident but I kinda dig it. I also made that button bracelet with craft wire. I'm a sucker for a good craft project, especially one I can wear. (Which further perpetuates my grandma and/or coolest girl in 4th grade persona.) So if you're hankering for some button jewelry, hit a girl up. 


Motherhood Tip #5

Today's tip for mothers comes from LOTF reader and fellow pup mom, Stephanie Murphy, who is a strong advocate of Pup Warm Ups, saying that "a family that stretches together, stays together." 

Before you and your pup begin the day, be sure to lead them through a series of stretches. We wanna keep those pup bodies limber and loose because we all know that a floppy puppy is the cutest kind of puppy. 

So take Mama Murphy's advice, start the day with your best paw forward. (a properly stretched and warm paw attached to a properly stretched and ready to go pup leg which in turn is attached to the rest of the super warmed up pup body whole)

*check out Steph's little pupman, Rusty, on her instagram: chephsteph_ 


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