Monday, September 10, 2012


by Traci Lavois

Motherhood Tip #7 

The art of compromise, you guys. It's a delicate balance that can sometimes be tough to strike between you and your little one. When you find yourself, toe to toe (or nose to nose) with your pup, just remember there are ways to implement that "mom knows best" mentality without stomping on your pup's independent spirit. 

For example, Carl the Dog decided on a cover photo for his pup memoirs:

He said the photo has a very "hip" vibe with the background bike and his apathetic stare. 

While I love this picture of Carl I think the attitude is of a puppy who's too cool to care and I think Carl is a dog with a love for life, an infectious curiosity, and a sweet rascally streak that this photo (while adorable), fails to capture. 

But instead of telling Carl, no you can't use this hipsterpupapathypic for your memoir cover, I suggested we go over a few more jpg possibilities before we made our final decision. 

 An older picture, yes, but sweet as can be and I think 
it captures beautifully the universal transition 
from pup to young gentleman. 

The classic Carl Through The Screen Door shot is 
another favorite of mine. You can see his deep 
pup-yearning for adventure and freedom and his 
youthful spirit is evident in his silly pup posture. 
Growing up, breaking free, missing mom 
while she's at work, not understanding why I 
can't go everywhere with her...
.I think this shot accurately represents a lot 
of themes that are present in Carl's life and 
ultimately his memoirs.

This dapper pup portrait is another mommy-fave. 
This could be Carl's online dating pup profile pic. 
Sophisticated, cool, casual, and full of swagger, 
this pup is one handsome little nugget bachelor. 

This wee hours of the morning kitchen shot shows a lot about 
who Carl is as a pup and the ideals he believes in. 
He is first and foremost a companion and a son, a side kick, 
and a ray of childish sunshine for those around him. 
The implications of this picture are this: 
I will be here, to lay beside you on the cool hard kitchen tile 
at 4 in the morning while you attempt to re-hydrate 
after a night of bad decisions...
because I am your pup, loyal, tried, and true. 
No judgments, just love, and my sweet calming pup gaze.

And of course you can never go wrong 
with the sweet classic, bandana-ed lap dog pic. 

We are still in the selection process for Carl's cover pic. But we are working on it, together, give and take and compromise. 

This is being a mother.



  1. Love your puppy parenting tips! Carl is so precious. Are you teaching him any tricks? He looks very smart. I'll bet he would learn really fast Looking forward to more pictures of this adorable pup.