Friday, November 2, 2012

tower top.

thrifted sweater, thrifted skirt, converse hi tops 

Carl the Dog is back!!!!!!!!!
What more could a girl need than that smiling pup face? That floppy tongue. GOD. All the joy of the world is contained on the sweet surface of that crazy pink pallet. 

Spent the early afternoon romping around on the roof of my tower. Throw your hands up for roof access, yall. Throw them up. 

Carl pooped up on that roof. Little rascal.

My favorite part of this whole outfit is my sneaker adornment. I've become partial to wearing little pins on my right chuck laces and this particular one is very dear to me. An intuitive little eight year old nugget gave me this bunny pin a few years ago, shrugging he said, " I don't know, it looked like something you'd like." Boy was he right. I love a man who can read my style. 
Here's to you little Elliot, wherever your sweet head sleeps tonight. 

Tips for Motherhood
by Traci Lavois

Motherhood Tip #8


Plain and simple.

On an especially trying day, its crazy what a little powerdowntime can do. Taking naps together is a way for you and your pup to recharge, refresh, and reset. Plus, there's just something about waking up to a moist puppy-breathed snout that makes the world seem beautiful again. So if your little nugget is trying your patience, or you feel a little flustered on the mom front, catch some sweet zzz's together,and wake up with a whole new, well rested maternal outlook.

this, you guys, is being a mother. 

photos by Joseph Guzman


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