Thursday, June 27, 2013

super basic.

tee- thrifted American Apparel
shorts- Bad Vibes via Tunnel Vision 
sunglasses- Melrose Trading Post

Easily the coolest thing about these pictures (and no I'm not talking about that floppy tongued cone head, or even the endearingly terrible off kilter camera no) the coolest thing about these blog pics is the teeniest tiniest tit sweat stain on my t-shirt in the first picture. In high school I used to be really ashamed of things like sweat and I didn't want people to know I was a human being or something. Now I'm much more comfortable in my own boob sweat skin. 

So these shorts. God you guys. Brit and Mad are magic with a grommet short. Without these shorts I'd be just another doof in a t shirt. With them though, I'm fuckin Louis Lane on LSD...fuck that I'm Crushed Velvet Superman and Carl is a Space Dog from the planet Kryptonite who can also shape shift into the batmobile. 


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