Monday, July 1, 2013

rose budz.

blouse- thrifted
cut off Levis- Leapord Lounge, Houston

I think this top is possessed with some kind of perfect magic. It is very sheer, like in the back you can see straight through to my pale little back bone but somehow, I don't know if its the giant roses or what, but this shirt manages to do what we as womankind could only dream of sheer tops being capable of, and that is being light, loose and see through while at the same time not compromising the nipple. There's like zero nipple exposure, it's magic. Ultimately I could care less if you can see some nip action through my shirt but on the nanny gig I gotta mask those little lady discs so this shirt is the perfect summer staple for a working class girl such as myself. Also the color palette/ c'mon it looks like a terrible awesome sofa you find on the side of the street and you're like who would ever get rid of such a perfect floral lounging device and you get it back to your apartment somehow and make many memories on it. (or maybe I'm just the only one who assigns spiritual significance/nostalgia to trash furniture)

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