Saturday, July 6, 2013

snake belt kingdom.

tee tank- thrifted, melrose trading post
cut off levis- thrifted, leopard lounge
boots- thrifted, melrose trading post
snake belt- gift from dear STEPH
moon necklace- vintage

Welp, this was my 4th of July day drinking get up. I had to refrain on Thursday from engaging in a political discussion about America and government in a series of instagram comments...emotions are too high on this day of commercialized patriotism and sometimes it is just better to keep your anti establishment mouth closed. I met up with my friend Caitlin at a party on the east side. The house was absolutely beautiful and I had the perfect day with some perfect humans who just so happen to be "American" ...whatever that even means. Someone brought Shiner Bock beer (liquid Texas) and I got to lie on the most beautiful zebra print rug beside Olive the pup while my pal Caitlin painted the snake from my belt tearing venom into the american flag on my left upper thigh. A pretty perfect day if you ask me. 

(By the way is this snake belt not the most wonderful thing you've ever laid eyes on???? 
My best friend is the best gift giver.) 

Also, my legs are wrecked from Carl the Dog cone slamming into me, so bruises and scrapes are my new staple accessory. 

Also, I chopped off all my hair, impulsively, on my way home from work Wednesday. I feel like it has something to do with The Goodbye Girl which I just recently watched and also maybe that I miss my mother who had very short hair through all of my childhood...anyway I'm not gonna delve too far into the WHY but I can safely say this was one of my best impulses. 

Ramble-y as fuck post, I know. 
Catch ya soon, interwebz.


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