Wednesday, July 3, 2013

what lines the cupboards above the stove?

striped open knit top- thrifted forever 21
unicorn patch shorts- thrifted
belt- vintage
jesus necklace-  Flea Market Girl
genie lamp pin- family vintage

here's a poem, interwebz.

what is written in the spaces I cannot reach
without step stool or boost
what lines the cupboards above the stove
does such a land exist past the stretch
of my tippiest toes
how can I spend a forever
straining to touch
what I cannot see

are there numbers
hidden in bee stings
equations of why 
in the curvature of a question
marksmanship is a virtue
when the target is something
but it could be everything
and how would you even know
the hardware is powder blue porcelain
but the wood has rot 
and black mold 
and a termite momma is raising
an army alone without any man
because she doesn't need him
but I am sinking 
into the crack of the linoleum
where the floor caves in
from a faulty foundation
and one day when the city
falls into the sea
the plates will open and
take me and
the papers will read

"girl spends her whole life looking up;
dies as she's swallowed
by the ground beneath her feet."

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