Saturday, August 31, 2013


top- goodwill find
shorts- urban outfitters
boots- second hand h&m

^^^^Carl though, am I right??!!!!^^^^
haaaaaawttt its haaaawt! 


Yesterday I hung out in Santa Monica with my west side bbz. The twins got their tonsils removed Tuesday and were pretty doped up and miserable. I made homemade mashed potatoes (my first time ever) and we watched movies and ate slushy ice and moped. Highlights of the afternoon included Bill, a family friend's "manny" (man nanny) bringing by a get well gift of treats for the girls. Bill's a babe. All five girls in the house (mom and me included) rushed to the door to meet him and accept his babely offering of dessert items. (Technically Bill was only the delivery boy, but it made those god damned cream puffs all the more creeeeamy, naw mean?) Also notable, the mom took this tonsil recovery time to clean out the girls' closets so I scored some sweet hand me down moccasins from some 9 year olds, as well as a cool scarf/head wrap from Mexico. I only feel slightly pathetic about hand me downs from 4th graders, mostly I feel really fuckin cool. I loaded down the Jeep at the end of my shift with fuck tons of donation bags (those girls have some extensive wardrobes) and dropped them at Goodwill on my way home. Of course I had to pop in after donating and I found these h&mies and this amazing knit top. Also a toothless Goodwill employee told me she wished I'd been her nanny because I was such a tart. Great. Thanks. Nanny to the world. 


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