Monday, August 12, 2013

divinity or death.

tee- goodwill
shorts- thrifted levis (melrose trading post)
windbreaker- vintage
sunnies- forever21

You have to be careful, when visiting your home in the south, about wearing religious imagery on your body. There, a Jesus is my Homeboy shirt is not perceived as some hipster sarcasm, but is instead interpenetrated as an alternative expression of Christ love, some sub culture of the Christian Youth, spreading their saving grace through FASHION. But now that I'm back in LA, I can blamelessly sport my The Virgin and Machine Gun garb all I want, free from any religious association. (besides its that super killer kind of thin ass cotton)

All joking aside I am quite partial to Texas. And the parts I frequent are not nearly as bigoted and close minded as my aforementioned joke would make them out to be. They are actually teaming with interesting and diverse people and things and ideas and cheesy foods. She's a good and sturdy state. She holds me. I feel closer to the ground in Texas. But I can still point my toes to the sky if I want to.

I'll post more about my visit home soon.
byebye for now, sweet chippies.


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