Wednesday, August 14, 2013

still sportin my ex girlfriend's dead ex boyfriend's boxers

tee- stolen from eric
shorts- urban outfitters
 furry cap- stolen from steph's boo
boots- melrose trading post

Yes, technically half of this outfit does not belong to me. 
Let's just call it, "pal tax"...
 and yes I will return these items to their rightful owners...

I'm about to run by the post office to send out some mailz. 

1) One package of awesome vintage duds I found HANGING FROM A TREE outside a cool little house in my neighborhood with a sign that said "FREE." No I'm not shitting you, you guys. Snagged Steph some killer patterned  turquoise britches and a silky yellow top. So I'm sending those treasures.

2) One framed collage entitled "galactic pancake" which my cool ass cousin Samantha bought from me. Check out my insta (tracilavois) I'll be posting more art for sale soon!

3) One letter response to my newest penpal :)

lots of good vibe mail heading to Texas.

Then it's off to the nanny gig.


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