Tuesday, August 13, 2013

velvet dreamz.

vintage velvet cropped corset top- milk + honey vintage
bad vibes olive juice shorts- tunnel vision
boots- thrifted

This perfect top and these perfect shorts are a match made in heaven. So much velvety goodness. The condition of this vintage top is out of this world good. Plus I got it while attending a dress up party in Houston hosted by founder of milk + honey, Ashley Cid. She had a bunch of cool local gals over for wine, cupcakes and shopping. We got to rifle through her piles of treasures and skirt the shipping fee by buying direct. She's a smart gal with a cool little company...if you're in Houston (and even if you aren't, you should know about this bitch)

Check out Milk + Honey Vintage and Tunnel Vision, both female owned small businesses that crank out some crazy good vintage. 

I take my blog pictures in my driveway. I live in the back house behind a bigger house so the driveway is long and far from the street. Carl gets to play around in the drive while I awkwardly wait for the ten second self timer count down blinking and beeping at me from some borrowed camera propped up on a garbage bin. Shortly after taking these pictures Carl spotted two dogs on the opposite sidewalk and ran right to them, across the street and oncoming traffic. I had to chase after him in this tiny outfit while disgruntled drivers honked at me, making their annoyance known. Calm the fuck down please and don't kill my dog with your Prius. Being a pup mom is tough. That shit scared the living daylight out of me. Carl is serving his bad dog sentence in his crate while I try to cool the fuck off.


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